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Posted by personalpolitics on December 4, 2006

It is better to be alone than in ill company.
–George Pettie

2 Responses to “Alone”

  1. And if you own company is ill company – what do you do then?

  2. Tomas said

    I respect your choice, yet risk to doubt. Who can say for sure who are ill in the concrete situation?
    Your statement sounds nice, but what idea is promoted?
    Even if all others indeed could be named as the “ill company”, I would feel myself responsible to stay and though to try to correct the situation at least.
    I respect your choice to stay alone, but is it not the treachery of all others, concern just in self?
    I rejoice more at the laying down their lives for others than at healthy ones, who complain for the boredom of life in the safety of their gloomy castles.

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