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Proverbs – English Proverbs – Love Sayings

Posted by quotes on January 8, 2007

Proverbs – English Proverbs – Love Sayings

Whom we love best, to them we can say least.

– English proverb

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25 Responses to “Proverbs – English Proverbs – Love Sayings”

  1. Tomas said

    That’s the truth that makes clear why did we are the eternal debtors of the ones we love the most.

  2. Tomas said

    that’s so, but is such truth not an attempt to justify OURSELF for leaving no comments on the blogs we visit?

    a) The fine Art & an artist…
    b) The depository of world sanctuary of the masterpieces above any price & just the mortal flesh
    and thus we arrive at a conclusion:
    Does spirit of the weakest one of us is cheaper than a THING (even the best of all but just a thing)?

    our reality can explain everything, but it cant justify anything.

  3. wildhorses11 said

    That is so true and so wise. For the wise know
    “Anyone who loves, loves in their heart not their mouth.”

  4. jawad said

    there ‘re two loves our love & God’s love but God’s love makes both them …so God’s love can make our love thrue forever as we can let’s our love for our other but God ( allah ) can let’s us so we must to praising for allah wa salamo alikom…u ‘re welcome

  5. zara said


  6. enigma said

    Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you

  7. morad said

    love is nothing

  8. mulugeta said

    love is blind
    love is power full

  9. anna said

    reminding of love is like telling love wich thy can not see

  10. isabelle said

    love is saing you are cute

  11. Angel said

    Love is the air of life

  12. Mali said

    Love is respecting, understanding, sharing and beeing together forever.

  13. Love is like ware ; easy to begain it , but difficult to stop it

  14. dida said

    love is evry things

  15. mimi love said

    love is the secret of the beautifule life so lets keep loving how we love and save our tresor

  16. kazem said

    Love is giving without waiting for a return,and the extra giving with the minimal return

  17. somia said

    love is the best thg in life,but u must find thee person who deserve it

  18. lolita said

    love can provide good moments but if you loose it you suffer!

  19. adel said

    love is an illusion !!

  20. ali said

    love is its own language yet undescovered

  21. Othmane said

    – Love starts with smile, grows with kiss and Ends with tear.
    – love like WAR easy to begain, but difficult to stop it.

  22. yastal said

    Love is much power than beings’existance it can wether delight you or condemn you

  23. love is power by which we can rule the hearts, as well as the world

  24. nimisha said

    love is sacrifice…

  25. recoba tunisie said

    god give us the power
    god give us a girl who can take care to my heart
    god give us a girl who deserve to give her my love

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