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Love Quotes- Love Sayings

Posted by personalpolitics on January 29, 2007

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.
— George Sand

5 Responses to “Love Quotes- Love Sayings”

  1. Tomas said

    Though most of people have heard and rejoiced at these words, but just few succeed in claiming this wisdom as they own witness

  2. catgmz3 said

    Why do you think there are only a few? What keeps the rest from achieving?

  3. Tomas said

    Dear Cata,
    acknowledgment of love as described by George Sand expresses the comprehension of the priority of the spiritual values in our life and demands not possessions but the faith from us.
    Unfortunately, that’s out of character to modern world.

    I have written on my blog,
    the depth of steps we leave is defined by our love to other.
    Have a look at a map

  4. Very deep saying, it makes us to wonder if we are focusing in real worthy things.

  5. Hattieee. said

    “lie to me” she said,
    “i love you” he replied

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