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War Quotes

Posted by quotes on February 7, 2008

War Quotes

Quotes about War

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.

– General Douglas MacArthur

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7 Responses to “War Quotes”

  1. Gnathorn said

    “Death is my will made manifest”

  2. Gnathorn said

    “Enjoy this battle, for it may be your last”

  3. Gnathorn said

    “Your life is your Lord´s currency, use it well”

  4. Gnathorn said

    “Success in battle is measured in blood. Yours and your enemy´s”

  5. Gnathorn said

    “The path to the glory is lined with the bodies of the dead”

  6. Gnathorn said

    “There is no such thing as I. For we are many , we are legion”

  7. Gnathorn said

    “Happiness is the delusion of the weak”

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