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Posted by quotes on March 5, 2009

Blog Visitor Contest

The Famous Sayings Blog is getting close to 5 million page views. I decided to give a prize to the person on twitter who comes closest to being here for the # 5,000,000 page view and who documents their participation by taking a screen shot and posting it on their blog with a link back here and then posting to twitter about their accomplishment. is close to 5 million page views. Look on the left sidebar for the current count, take a screen shot, blog about it, and post a link to it on twitter. Tweet & blog post of screen shot closest to 5,000,000 wins a prize.

Don’t hesitate to get started because many people will probably not follow the rules above so the winner could be quite far off from the number 5 million on the page view counter.

Thank you

Bill Austin

Five Million page views getting close on Famous Sayings Blog

Five Million page views getting close on Famous Sayings Blog

Press the PrtScn (print screen) key on your Windows keyboard and an image of your screen will be copied into the clipboard. You can then paste that image into any graphics program. The standard image editor for Windows is Microsoft Paint and if you open that, you can paste the image, crop it and save it. On a MAC, you can capture an application window by pressing Command-Shift-4, then pressing the Spacebar or by using the Grab application.

The prize is only available to US based businesses meeting the criteria for listing here but may be transferred subject to editorial approval.


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