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Posted by quotes on April 9, 2009

A meek and quiet spirit will not be ever looking out for happiness for itself, but will seek for self-forgetfulness and find sweet content and true satisfaction in making others happy.


4 Responses to “Saying”

  1. hary said

    i am meek which is nice – i wish i were its antonym which has more spice – spice is more sort after than nice – as nice is never kept long in life – it is cast away easily as it is so easily re received – as said meek is nice – meek by its nature will always be too nice – wishing for the nicer things of the spice of life – spice by nature is harder to obtain – is that why spice has more demand over nice? meek sounds like weak? why be nice?

  2. elaine johnson said

    where did the saying “I’ll see you in the funny paper” originate?

  3. cody said

    cody clifford can hear the sun rise

  4. cody said


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