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Sayings – Man

Posted by quotes on June 20, 2009

Famous Quotes – Man

The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he

Marcus Aurelius

One Response to “Sayings – Man”

  1. Tomas said

    These Marcus Aurelius’s words pierced deeply into my heart. Wow! and the hot applause came out as if of itself after the reading of them. That’s the truth.
    Yet it confused me no less than inspired.
    Let’s get it clear.
    If I didn’t pursue any objects, does it mean I am worthless?
    I became the disabled…and my state of health allows to me just living as the dependant, who is satisfied with being alive here and now.
    Does it mean that I am just a total zero?
    Please visit my blogs. You are welcome to
    I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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