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Sayings are usually less formally presented than quotations.  Famous sayings may simply be phrases which people who are famous said, they may be phrases that are commonly used by people who are not famous but are used frequently and are famous because they are so well known.  Quotations and famous quotes are usually given as citations of specific words used in specific works by specific authors.  When searching for sayings, many people are really looking for clichés while when search ing for famous quotes they often want to find a specific remembered phrase by a specific author and a citation explaining more about the context of the quote.

Sayings, phrases, proverbs, clichés and similar terms are used to describe words which lots of people use and for which the origin may be obscured. 


Quotes and Sayings


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30 Responses to “Famous Sayings”

  1. fathinhere said


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  3. I love it!! When I am a little down, the first place I look for inspiration is quotes from people who have gone down the road before me.


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  6. monkeyluver said

    right… this was awful help

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  21. “It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible”


  22. we are plastic fabricators interested in fabricating acrylic plaques with inspirational poems or sayings. we are looking to offer our services to your site. if you are interested, please respond thru our email. we could fabricate the plaques or key chains and engrave them and drop ship them with your address.

    thank you for your time and consideration.

    Marilyn Ravasdy
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  23. Thin Thin Lwin said


    Thank everybody.
    Good Luck !!!!
    I’m Thin Thin Lwin, from Myanmar.

  24. angEla said

    dapat ung mga qu0tes na short lng …

  25. CoolNSmart said

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

  26. What is the difference between a quotation and a saying?

  27. Sayings said

    I mean Sayings is more like a proverb, with no known author whereas a quotation usually has an author?

  28. Azhar Abbas said

    All the saying are always goog but the saying of the seniors are really goog saying
    azhar abbas

  29. Azhar Abbas said

    saying are not to say or speak these are for adopting if we will do about the saying we will be always be able to find bright future
    azhar abbas

  30. paulette said

    poem or saying that goes something like this . Sundays child is full of grace,mondays child is fair of face.Tuesdays child is full of woe, wednesdays child has far to go. that’s about all i can remember, so if anybody knows the name or title or even the rest it please reply. Thank you

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