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POW/MIA Remembrance Day

Posted by quotes on September 23, 2006

POW/MIA Remembrance Day – From Del “Abe” Jones

Friday was POW/MIA Remembrance Day but anytime is the right time to remember them.




So many  fates are left unknown
And so many rumors that abound
So many families ask the question
“When will, the answers be found?”

So many years have come and gone
Sometimes, hope is hard to keep
There’s some who feel there’s none
And in some, it’s buried deep.

The pain, is in not knowing
How, to put loved ones’ to rest
When there is no way to prove
They have passed, the final test.

But, no matter what the answers
We can’t let this cause alone
Until, each and every one of them
Is found, and brought back home


It’s hard to find, the stories
That, they won’t talk about
It’s hard, to realize the things
That they had, to go, without.

How can they let the feelings
(Even, they don’t understand)
Show to, any other people
In this, Freedom’s Land.

We can’t know, the hardships
Unless, we were there
Especially, when they came back home
To those who didn’t, seem, to care.

Unless you had, lived through it
Watching, Comrades that had died
Why should they, talk about it to us
Of, the tears, inside, they’ve cried?

Even, if they chose to tell us
What difference, would it make
Would it be worth the chance
That they, would have to take.

Why should they bare their soul
That’s already been, stripped, clean
Because, even with, a picture of it
We couldn’t see, what they have seen.

Sometimes, all we have to do
Is, to look into their eyes
And think that we might see or hear
Their, mournful, pain-filled cries.

That POW who came home
Who lived, through that Hell
Can’t tell the stories, of the MIA
Who  never had, a chance to tell!

So, we may never, ever, know
Of, the horrors, they have, known
And, if we think about it
It’s probably best, that they aren’t shown!

But there is, always an end
To every, never-ending story
Although  sometimes, they’re never told
In, all their Truth and Glory.

So if you ask about it
And if you ever wonder why
They won’t talk of that nightmare
Maybe now, you might know, Why?


For as long as we have Wars
And we send our Young to fight
We’ll have Those who are Missing
And the POWs plight.
All People of this Nation
Have this Duty to fulfill.
We must keep Them in our thoughts
And, We must have the Will
To bring every One home
And do all we can to find
All those POW/MIAs
And leave NO Souls behind.


Ten years of “BITS ‘N’ PIECES”
By some People who still care
In a search for clues and answers
About Those We left “over there”.

Trying to get the military
And all those politicians
To take actions to find Them
With calls, letters and petitions.

It’s a sad State of Affairs
When the families and friends
Must lead the Battle in the Search
In this War that never ends.

All those loved ones still Missing
Who went to War for me and you
Deserve much more from our Country
Than just the efforts of those few.

“The National Alliance of Families”
Carries that Banner for us all
To bring home those Forgotten
Who answered our Nation’s Call.

Please visit their pages
And give them a helping hand
For if “One Missing” was “One” close to you
Maybe then, you’d understand.

©Copyright 05 September 2004 by Del “Abe” Jones
“The National Alliance of Families”


2 Responses to “POW/MIA Remembrance Day”

  1. POW/MIA Remembrance Day
    (Third Friday of September)

    Thousands are still missing
    From those Wars of the past
    Slowly, some are coming home
    To grieving Families, at last.

    Some found in unmarked graves
    On foreign lands across the sea
    With the science of DNA
    To reveal, their true identity.

    JPAC was formed to find them
    Around fourteen hundred, to date
    And for loved ones seeking closure
    It surely, never is, too late.

    They think, forty thousand left
    They might be able to recover
    As they follow leads and tips
    From, one country to another.

    Some remains, may be lost forever
    Like those Heroes, resting in the Deep
    But, to bring those others home
    Is a solemn promise, we must keep.

    It’s a very noble thing they do
    As, they go, and search, and find
    Those, who died for our Country
    For, we must, leave no one behind.

    Every year we have a special day
    To, remember those still lost
    To, renew that promise to them
    No matter what, it may cost.

    Del “Abe” Jones

  2. CSM Norm Doney (RET) said

    Thank you for the poems above. It was here that I found the poem that I read at the National Prisoner of War – Missing in Action Day service that we held at our American Legion Post. Not only was it well received, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
    Again, thank you,
    Norm Doney

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